06 July 2011

New Jersey Trip Part II

On Friday we ventured into New York City. I am definitely not a fan of New York.. I think it is way to big and loud but we went because Jeremy had never been there! I knew he couldn't grasp the sheer enormity of New York so I had to take him there so he could see it for himself.

We took the train in because Jeremy had never been on one! Plus it's way easier than driving.

Memphis! Wish we had time to see the show. Next time we'll have to see something on Broadway.

Pizza is something I miss very much in Memphis. It's just not the same. We haddddd to go to Bella Vita and get some real brick oven pizza. It's sooo good. 

His first bite of the real thing! Yummmm.

I'm soooo proud of us for figuring out the subway and not getting lost. This is basically how we felt about the subway though.. no fun. 

Pie at Cafe Lalo... delicious!! This pie place was in the movie You've Got Mail.


I think we did pretty good seeing everything considering we only had one day in the city. We walked about a million blocks and I ended up hurting my foot but it we had a good time.

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