20 July 2011

Wednesday Wishes (5)

Ahhh it's Wednesday.. halfway through the week!

Here are some things I'm wishing for with Brooke at Bright Wishes

1. Trader Joe's 
I wish there was one close to me! or a similar kind of store would work too haha not much of this in Mississippi.

2. One of these skirts
I love anthropologie skirts.. like a really whole lot. I wear a skirt practically everyday to work. These would be a nice additions to my collection.

               anthropologie                                                                   anthropologie

3. To kick butt at trivia tonight!
Sometimes some of my friends head out to trivia at a local restaurant. Last time we went, we did terrrrrrrible. I wish that all of our useless knowledge comes in handy and we get more than 20 points. 


  1. I want a Trader Joes too!! When we were in Maryland that was the only place we bought groceries, I miss it so much.

  2. Oh Trader Joes! Such a wonderful establishment.

    Love those skirts..however, my wallet is not as supportive as I am of Anthro stuff :)

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  4. I love Trader Joe's. I swear, there is one on every corner out here.

    The skirts are very pretty.



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