12 August 2011

Fill In the Blank Friday

Trying out this fun blog linkup with Lauren @ the little things we do anddd it's her birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAUREN!

1.   My most favorite birthday was most of them! Ok, I know I'm taking an easy way out with this one but I can honestly think of something that I enjoyed and loved about most of my birthdays! 

2.  My worst birthday was  probably last year, when I turned 22. I had just moved here and did not know anybody. I just hung out by myself at my apartment.

3.  My favorite birthday memory is  when Catherine and Mary made me a birthday sign for my 21st birthday. It had 21 things that I had to complete that night. Things such as beating three people at rock paper scissors, winning a chug race, and hopscotching to the next bar. It was really fun :)

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was  I don't know if I can pick a favorite! I really appreciate when people take the time to choose something for me that they know I'll enjoy. I especially like when people write me a personalized message in birthday cards... none of that To: Alyssa From: whoever.. hah

5.  The  best birthday present I've ever given was   umm good questions.. I try to be a good present picker-outer sometimes though I think what I imagine is never quite as good as the results... hopefully a certain upcoming birthday though will have some good presents ;)

6.  Birthdays are   exciting. Everyone gets one day every year, so why not enjoy what is yours and celebrate!

7.  My favorite age so far has been   22.. I'd say it's been a pretty good year


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