17 August 2011

Mexican Crescents

Jeremy and I have discovered a new favorite and easy dinner and so I thought I would share! Oh, and it's vegetarian but completely pleases the carnivores as well (ehemmm Jeremy). Pleaseeee forgive me for the awful pictures... I decided in the process of making these to take pics and yeah, they're terrible. I promise they'll be better in the future.

Through Pinterest and other recipe searching I had seen Mexican style crescent rolls before and always thought they looked delicious. We put our own spin on it.


1- Split Pillsbury crescent dough in half to make two large burritos, pinch the perforations together so they don't separate in the oven. 

2- We add a layer of Uncle Ben's Spanish Style Ready Rice (phew that's a mouthful). The spanish rice has nice flavoring that is yummy in this!

3- Add layer of shredded pepper jack cheese.

4- Layer of canned black beans.

5- More pepper jack!

6- Fold and pinch dough together sealing the burrito then put it in the oven until the crescent gets a nice light brown color. (After folding the burrito, we put some cheese on top as well)

7- When they're done, add some sour cream and pico de gallo.

And there you have it! Sooo goood.

What I love about this recipe is that things can be added and taken away based on what you feel like eating. For instance, we added some jalapenos to make it a little more spicy. You really can't go wrong!

I'm really looking forward to experimenting more with crescent rolls.. the ideas were flowing when we were making these.

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  1. This looks absolutely delicious. I must try them!! I dream about Mexican food. Almost every night. Hahaha.


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