28 October 2011

This Week's Randoms

In an attempt to wrap up this week, here's some randomness from this week:

- Harrison's ready for Halloween!

- Can you figure out what's wrong with my calendar? Apparently it was the 25th on Monday and Tuesday...

- Did anybody watch Once Upon A Time on ABC?  Such a fun show! I'm totally a sucker for fairy tales. I'm looking forward to watching Grimm too.

- This blog post made my Mom cry. Happy cry. Love you, Mom!

- On a more serious note, something I learned this week is that everything happens for a reason, even bad things. Even things that seem to make so much sense aren't meant to be. I guess there's something better out there, I just don't know where to go from here. 


  1. That calendar could really mess someone up. LOL.

    I have also found everything happens for a reason. Good, bad... you live and learn and no matter what happens, you are a better person for every experience you have.

    Have a great weekend!

    Stephanie @ Dirt and Lace

  2. I thought the first episode of 'Grimm' was pretty good. I liked it even a little better than 'Once Upon a Time.'

  3. I watched Once Upon a Time and I liked it. I will be back for more:)


  4. I loved Grimm...and I sort of hated Once Upon a Time. :( I think I had my hopes set to high...I'm still giving it a chance though.


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