14 November 2011

The Battle of the Bones

Sadly Memphis didn't win the Battle of the Bones this year meaning they didn't get to hoist the giant rack of ribs trophy. It was actually a really sad game... the Tigers had the lead through most of the game and then just couldn't hold the UAB Blazers at the end. Even though it was pretty much a downer to lose, we had a great time trying to stay warm and watching some football.

My car got a makeover for the game.. hah this tiger tail is still on my car. I keep forgetting and then wonder why people stare at me when stopped at red lights. 


The last home game is Thursday.. already the forecast says it's going to be freeeezing. You better believe I will have on a ridiculous amount of layers. We stuck by our Memphis Tigers this whole crazy weird not very good football season. Let's hope they can finish the season off on a good foot.


  1. I miss going to games! Looks like fun...but I don't miss bundling up and still freezing my butt off, haha :)

  2. i love going to football games.. the tail made me giggle.

  3. I can't remember the last time the Tigers actually did WELL in football. :o) Probably my sophomore year of college there which was like 2004! LOL. But I'm still a fan, too! Thanksfully we normally kick some ass at basketball!

    I love that I can live in Memphis vicariously by you now! :o)


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