22 November 2011

Four Eyes

Ok, so I'm thinking I need a new pair of glasses.. actually I needed a new pair of glasses a while ago but I realllly don't think I look good in them! The glasses I have now are too small for my eyes. I can literally see right over the top of them, if I push them up my nose my eyelashes hit them.. so uncomfortable! I need a cute pair like this - that fit!

I was contacted by someone at GlassesUSA.com and figured it was a sign to start looking into a new pair of glasses again. I'd really like to not have to wear my contacts every single day. 

My concern with buying glasses online is what they'll look like! This website has a nifty virtual mirror - basically you upload a picture, choose some glasses frames and you can "try them on". Ok, it's a little bit different than the real thing but at least you have something to go off of.  

Looking through, it's actually a pretty affordable site, eyeglasses can be sooooo expensive!! Not only are their prices reasonable, but they are giving us all a discount code!! How exciting :)
THANKS giving discounts! 
- 20% Off any frame in the iSee Eyewear collection and Free Shipping within the US. 
Use Code: iSee20FS
- 10% Off any order of prescription glasses.
Use Code: Blog10

If you were ever going to buy eyeglasses online now is defffffinitly the time to do it! I just made the plunge and ordered myself a pair and saved $108. Seriously, that's awesome.

PS. You can also get sunglasses on this site, too!


  1. Eyeglasses can be seriously expensive! thank God for insurance [and for parents who still buy my glasses for me. ;) ]

  2. Eyeglasses are expensive.. its crazy. I like the virtual mirror idea

  3. love them lyss! i need new glasses as well! i may look into this :) ~mar

  4. I was just thinking today about getting some new ones!! I really wanted some like Jess's too! ha

  5. I have been wearing glasses for over 6 years and I spent over $400 for my first pair of glasses. Later, i find GlassesUSA and GlassesShop.com and know that you don’t HAVE to spend that much money on eyeglasses!


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