07 November 2011

Goose Crunch

Saw THIS recipe... tried it... LOVED IT!

Seriously, you all should make this.. it's caramel corn to the extreme! Anddd it's easy and kinda fun to make.



We added all the yummy goodness to the caramel corn but didn't drizzle the chocolate on top.. it was honestly so good without it, anddd i may have over melted the chocolate. Did you know if you microwave chocolate it'll get melted and thenn if you keep microwaving it it'll get hard? Ugh, I didn't. Oh well.


  1. oooh this looks yummy i will have to try this

  2. Hi Alyssa! I just found your blog and I had a great time browsing it. I went to college in Memphis, though I now live in Colorado, and I had a great time sort of "catching up" on the city. Also, this post--wow that looks delicous! Definitely something I'll try. :)

  3. I found your blog through The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart (she rocks)and I found it close to home. My lovey is from Maine, me from Tennessee and we live outside Nashville. I love my precious yankee boy! Sweet blog!

  4. Oh Yum! I love anything popcorn related. This looks like fun to make and eat.


  5. ooh this looks awesome!


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