30 November 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting - Christmas Stockings

I can't believe tomorrow is December! Slowly I've been decorating my apartment but I realized I don't have Christmas stockings!! I'd love to make my own.. or at least personalize some store bought stockings. Anywayssss for my Pinterest picks this week I'm looking at pretty and festive Christmas stockings.

Source: google.com via Kelly on Pinterest

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  1. Those are all beautiful! I made a matching set for my family years ago, but then last weekend my eldest son proposed to his girlfriend - YIPPEE!!! Of course the first thing I did was get on Etsy and see if I could find her a stocking as similar as possible to ours. I think I got close, and I have my fingers crossed it will be here before Christmas - stockings are important!

  2. Those are all gorgeous!!! But I really love the second picture, the croqueted ones! Our stockings are completely mismatched, but I kind of like it that way! :o)

  3. This is why i love pinterest :) great picks :)

  4. I love the 4th picture down. They are adorable stockings.



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