12 December 2011

Free At Last Weekend

Ahh Free At Last Weekend.. where to begin!! It was a time full of fun, junk food, and most importantly.. no stress. It started with a movie marathon night and ended with some Tiger basketball downtown. 

Friday night we watched three movies.. Madagascar, Super 8, and Unknown. First off, Madagascar.. hilarious. This was a movie we had both seen before but the seven year olds in us loved it.

Neither of us had seen either Super 8 or Unknown. We didn't really even know what they were about when we were picking them but we did a good job! Definitely recommend both of these.

We took a break in between movies and went to check out some Christmas lights in Collierville.

Saturday -
A lazy day, we went to the gym, walked around Target for a while, and ended the night hanging out with some friends. A relaxing and fun day. Just what I needed.

We took Sunday Funday to a whole new level. After church and passing out on the couch we went downtown to see our first Tiger basketball game of the season. Unfortunately, they lost... pretty badly. I hope this isn't a repeat of football season.

That was pretty much Free At Last Weekend in a nut shell. It was perfect. I wouldn't have changed a thing, except maybe the final score of the basketball game.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I'm curious to see what this week has in store for me.


  1. seriously what a fun and relaxing weekend! I Just added Unknown to our netflix queue...thanks for the recommendation! We watched Shrek this weekend bc my hubby has never seen it! I should show him Madagascar too!

  2. sounds like it was a fun weekend!

  3. I'm an alumna of Murray State!! BIG win for us!!! :) So exciting to be nationall ranked! :)


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