04 December 2011

Zoo Lights

I think date night is my favorite time of the week. Friday night was an especially good one since I am working all weekend (boooo). We did some new things and some old things and overall had an amazing time.

We tried a new restaurant in town, Soul Fish Cafe. Honestly, it was so good that it deserves it's own blog post. So it's getting one! Possibly tomorrow.

Well, since we ate a ridiculous amount of food at dinner that we decided to walk it off a little so we went to Zoo Lights. The Memphis Zoo is open at night around the holidays and they decorate with Christmas lights. There's also an ice skating rink. It's a fun thing to do around the holidays, especially because it doesn't get extremely cold down here. It was a nice night and we had a lot of fun just walking around and looking at all the different light displays. The only animals you can see are the Night Creatures - the ones who are awake at night. They're pretty gross. Did you know Vampire Bats are real? And the only thing they can digest is blood? GROSS!

This has turned into a tradition. We went to Zoo Lights last year right at the very very beginning of our relationship. It's funny how different things are this year. I remember being so nervous last time because I just wanted Jeremy to like me and not think I was a complete lunatic. I'm glad this has become a holiday tradition.

Afterwards, we were pretty tired from walking around. We had originally planned on heading downtown but instead we just got something hot to drink at Starbucks and sat and talked for a while.

It was great. I had so much fun. I hope you all did something exciting this weekend as well!


  1. Aww! Yay for lovely holiday traditions, and good food, too! I love that the zoo is open at night and the lights are so festive! The Memphis Zoo was a favorite date spot for my hubby and I, too! Had no idea they did this for Christmas, though! :)

  2. That is the perfect date night!!! Glad ya'll had fun. It's super sweet that ya'll did the same thing right at the beginning of your relationship, too. :o)


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