16 January 2012

I Have a Dream

I hope everyone is enjoying their Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Both Jeremy and I are spending our day off cooking some good things that will last us the rest of the week (hoping to blog about that later!) and running some errands before I start my new job tomorrow!

Anyways, people in Memphis have a great appreciation for Martin Luther King.

The Lorraine Motel is located in downtown Memphis. This is where Martin Luther King was assassinated and where the National Civil Rights Museum is located today. When I first visited Memphis, before I moved here, my Mom and I went to the Civil Rights Museum. I learned so much. I feel like this is a part of American History that is so important, but I was surprised by how little I actually knew. If you're ever in Memphis, I definitely recommend going there. It's fun and educational.. who doesn't love that!

Something else I recommend that is Martin Luther King related is the book Hell Hound on His Trail. I haven't read it but Jeremy has, and he is always talking about it. It's one that I plan on reading soon. Anyways, apparently it does a great job setting the scene of the impact Martin Luther King had on civil rights and the very interesting circumstances surrounding his death. Also, it shows the overall effect his death has on the civil rights movement.

I learned something else pretty interesting today! Martin Luther King spoke at Villanova University in January of 1965. I love that there's a picture of it.


  1. such a wonderful post! He was an amazing man.

  2. It is neat that you live in the heart of where so much happened. I would love to go to that museum.

    Congratulations on your new job!


  3. I've been there! I think we took a field trip there in high school. It was pretty cool. If I remember right, they have his hotel room exactly how he left it and you can see it though a glass window. That was definitely one of my favorite field trips we ever took!

  4. This is an awesome post! We really take MLK and his day for granted. THanks so much for this post.


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