10 February 2012

Song Suggestions

Ok, so in the fall we are going to participate in an amazing 5k called The Color Run. Doesn't it looks like the most fun thing ever? I'll go into more detail about it later. 

Right now though, I need your help. My iPod is in desperate need of some updating. I have a lot of training to do if I'm actually going to run the whole 5k. What are some good songs to listen to while running? I'd love to hear what you all listen to! 

Ps. You can also suggest other non-gym songs too :)


  1. This race looks awesome! I would drive down and do the one in Dallas, had thought about it a week or two ago really, but it was just too close and I doubted it would be super enjoyable while pregnant. I want to next year though!

  2. I posted my current workout mix not long ago! Finding the right exercise music is crucial. :)

  3. we are obsessed with the black keys station on Pandora!

  4. Pandora is a great resource! If you have one song that you like then type it into the search bar and you will get a whole bunch of songs that you might like! Good luck!

    Much love from over here: http://www.thellielife.blogspot.com/

    New follower and reader for sure! Can't wait to read more!

  5. I think I'm going to try to do the color run! I haven't done a marathon of any kind before, and I feel like this would be a fun first time. plus I have a friend who goes to Vandy, so maybe I can talk her into joining me... :)

  6. Right now I've been really into Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" but I agree with Ellie, most of the time I just use Pandora. I actually think they have some good workout stations you could search through. If you don't have like an iPhone or a smartphone that you could take running with you, though, you could at least get some ideas there. Pop is usually the best for keeping me pumped up, even if I don't love the lyrics or the message. Sometimes you just have to get some sassy music to make you feel like you could take on that run and make it yours! Can't wait to hear more about the color run!


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