01 March 2012

Hello March


I can't believe it's already March! This year is flying by, even with the bonus day yesterday.

Today starts the March photo challenge.. I'll be posting my February photos tomorrow so look out for that.

Jeremy moves down to Olive Branch this month!

This will be my first full month at my new job. Finally I'll be back in a routine. 

I expect to see lots of shamrocks and lots of green around blog world and in life.

I am determined to track down a McDonald's Shamrock Shake... do they have those in Tennessee or Mississippi?! Anyone know??

March Madness!! Can't wait to fill out my bracket, I won the office pool last year! I don't think any of my teams are in it this year though. Sad.

My real life bff, Catherine, celebrates her birthday!!!

I'm sure lots of fun things will come up. Can't wait to see what March has in store.

Anybody have anything they're reallllly looking forward to this month?  


  1. I used that very same pin today! I just LOVE March!!!

  2. I look for Shamrock Shakes every year and haven't found any here. But Nashville already had them when I was there a few weeks ago, so maybe this will be the year!

  3. I saw a sign for a shamrock shake in Martin...but I have no idea if they actually have them...and that's s little bit of a drive from Memphis!


  4. We have Shamrock shakes here (Trenton,TN). I can't believe there aren't any in Memphis!


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