30 August 2012

Life Is Good

<< This picture is slightly unrelated but Jeremy sent me flowers at work for my birthday :) I was so confused and surprised because my birthday isn't until Sunday!! He knew this would be the way to surprise me.. he's the best! >>

Several months ago I was going through a rough time. A really rough time for me. I hated my job to the point that I would come home crying every night, I felt really far away from my family, and it was winter, which doesn't ever help anyone's moods, among other things.

The other day I had a realization. This is it. This is what I was hoping for. These are the days I was looking forward to, the days I needed, the days I prayed for. 

I have a job that I love. A place I don't mind going to everyday. My supervisors appreciate me and recognize the good hard work that I do. 

I am making friends. Not that I ever had trouble with this, but I feel like my Memphis friends are turning into lifelong relationships. Between blogging, church, and other friends, I have been a very busy social butterfly lately.

I am in a great relationship. Things with Jeremy couldn't be better. He is incredibly supportive, open to my crazy ideas, and enjoys (as far as I know) being around me. We are always laughing and always have fun no matter what we are doing.

My family is still far (which isn't my favorite) but I think we've been better at talking on the phone and planning visits.

The truth is, in December, I felt helpless. I knew that things would turn around, I just didn't know when. I didn't know what to do. With a lot of prayer, support from my loved ones, and patience, things turned around. I can't really think of the last time I cried because I felt sad. I appreciate everything so much more now because of the difficult times I went through. I am happy. Life is good.


  1. So glad that things have turned around and that you are loving it down here now!!! Keep your chin up, buttercup!

  2. This is so refreshing to hear. I feel like I'm in the same place right now that you were in December. I'm looking forward to the days where it will get better, and I'm so glad to hear that happiness came your way.

  3. So glad things are better for you now!

  4. Moving away from family is the hardest but from experiences I can tell you it does get easier. Glad your doing better and I hope you continue to soar :)

  5. SUNDAY?! My birthday is on Saturday!!! Happy early birthday! I didn't know how bad you had it but I am so happy things are better for you now!! Hope you're having a great day, girl!

  6. I am so happy that things have turned around for you! Have a great birthday!!


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