25 September 2012

The Fact Is

Ten Feet Off Beale - The Fact Is

Fact: My hair has been growing like crazy since I started taking Biotin (it's a vitamin for strong hair and nails)
Fact: I already miss Memphis and of course, Jeremy like crazy. 
Fact: Every book that I've ever read that was a blogger recommendation has been spot on! I can never put them down. I am currently reading Gone Girl
Fact: It's so hard to be motivated to go to the gym without Jeremy forcing me (even though the color run is almost here!)
Fact: I am pretty sure there is a little lizard.. in my room! I'm slightly freaking out.


  1. The ale sounds delicious! We have lizards here and they move so fast that they creep me out. We had one in our apt, I tried to catch it and it disappeared. I think you'll be ok. As everyone tells me - they're more afraid of you than vice-versa, haha.

  2. I just started taking biotin because I've been having significant hair loss from stress! So happy to hear that it's working for you. Also, I just finished Gone Girl, did you read my review? What do you think so far?!? I could not put it down! So good.

  3. ooh I want to try Biotin! I want my damn hair to grow! but does that mean all your hair grows faster? like will I have to get my eyebrows waxed more often? ha. I'm not sure I can afford that!

  4. I had no idea Blue Moon made that; i am on the hunt now. Also I just finished Gone Girl, loved it.


  5. Umm, there is such a thing as Blue Moon Caramel Apple?! I know what I'm grabbing this weekend! :)

  6. My book club just read Gone Girl. I didn't get a chance to read it but it sounded like a super crazy plot line! How are you liking it?

  7. 1. I hate lizards!
    2. I want some of that blue moon right this minute. And yes I'm at work! Ha. Cheers.

  8. Okay, I think I need to do this in list form so I don't forget anything.

    1. Walking in Memphis is my ALL TIME favorite song, so I knew I had to click on your button!
    2. I need Biotin. STAT.
    3. Just finished Gone Girl! Once I got to part 2 I couldn't put it down!
    4. I just moved in with my boyfriend and he's the only reason I go to the gym is because he motivates (aka forces) me to
    5. I just moved to Florida last month and there are lizards everywhere! We had to make a gecko trap to get them out haha

    Clearly, I am very excited I found your blog.

  9. Gone Girl is on my list. I've heard great things.


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