01 October 2012

The Summer of Her Dreams

I have a treat for you today. Several amazing bloggers offered to help me out while I was out of town and wrote me some guest posts. We're kicking it off with Jackie. I've been reading her blog for so long I don't even know how I found it! If you haven't read her blog I am sure this post will beyond inspire you to head over there and follow her story.


Hey Ten Feet Off Beale readers! 
I'm Jackie of Sweet & Wild and I'm happy to fill in for Alyssa while she's off working her fancy job in beautiful [still warm] Florida. 

by BA, our wedding photographer

This was quite the summer for me. I graduated from college, got married, and moved in to our first place with my [now] husband all in a span of 3 months. It was straight up the best summer of my life and I'm sad to see it go.

But to be honest, I'm excited for everything that comes next. Next is really getting settled into our apartment, it's getting into a routine and breaking out of that routine when adventures come up. It's decorating for the holidays, it's making our own traditions, and it's doing our old family traditions as a new family of two. We get to hand out Halloween candy at our door, buy a Christmas tree for our living room, and have a Christmas Eve sleepover in a fort of our own.

It's different being married. I still have my family that I grew up with, and he does too, but we're our own family now. We're our own unit that makes decisions that are best for us and we only have each other to answer to. It's a kind of teamwork that I only ever dreamed of, but now it's real. He's my teammate and I'm his and we're doing this life thing together.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to follow up the summer of my dreams.

I told you. She's amazing. Umm why are you still here! You should be reading Sweet & Wild!

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  1. What an eventful Summer! I went through the same thing in Summer/Fall 2010! Marriage! Graduation! Moving in together!

    Crazy hectic, but I wouldn't have had it any other way!

    Congrats on everything!


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