19 November 2012

The Chaperone

Ten Feet Off Beale Book Review - The Chaperone

I think I love historical fiction. I love reading stories from different time periods that have a glimpse of the truth. With that being said, I loved this book, The Chaperone. It takes place primarily in the 1920s during a time of prohibition, flappers, and silent movies. I thought this book was well written, captivating, and the story line was entertaining. All things I look for in a book. 

The book is about a summer in New York City. Louise Brooks (who is a real person), an ambition teenager from Wichita, Kansas heads to New York with a chaperone to pursue her dream of dance and escaping small town USA. There is so much depth to this story and so many interesting tid-bits about his time period. I loved it. 

I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in a good story, and especially anyone interested in learning about how life was in our country not that long ago.

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  1. this sounds really interesting! I was all about historical fiction when I was younger - like, that was pretty much all I read. I'll have to keep this in mind next time I actually have time to read. :)


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