09 May 2013

Eating in Memphis (19 & 20) - Central BBQ

Ten Feet Off Beale Eating in Memphis - Central BBQ Eating in Memphis - Central BBQ Nachos

While Catherine was here, we were able to cross TWO things off our Eating in Memphis list!! I love when people come to visit and help! Anywayssss, Catherine and Conor had one request when they stopped by Memphis, they wanted some authentic Memphis BBQ. We took them to Central BBQ for the nachos and ribs. That was definitely a good choice. Seriously, so good.
Ten Feet Off Beale Eating in Memphis

I mean, look at those smiles. Clearly they enjoyed it.

PS. Check out the rest of the list here

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  1. shut the front door. I love this place.

  2. Looks so good. You've got me wanting some Central now!

  3. Central bbq's nachos are the best!!! And their Mac n Cheese is the bomb!!

  4. YES. We went there when we were down for my job fair in February! The nachos with the homemade chips are the BEST. And we asked the workers what their favorite local beer is, got it, and gulped those things down. I'm a fan of this place.

  5. Oh I LOVE Central's BBQ nachos! That is where I took a friend of mine from NYC to try Memphis BBQ when he came to visit. I haven't tried their ribs though.

  6. Wow, all of this food looks incredible! I love bbq and I definitely want to try that place next time we're in Memphis. Last time we were there it was on a road trip to see a few of Sarah and my favorite bands- HelloGoodbye and Relient K. It was awesome and there was some jazz festival going on so it was a great trip!


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  7. I LOVE central BBQ!! Cody doesn't like it that much so we never go. Maybe we should do a meet up there so I can get my fix...

  8. Coming back to Memphis NEXT WEEK! Woohoo! Spent 5 years there and moved after my husband and I finished residency. I love your list of eats. My husband prefers Central BBQ but I really always loved Barbecue Shop the best :)

  9. Love that place! I stuffed myself silly the last time I went!

  10. Those nachos look so good!

  11. Beautiful photos! Central's fantastic!


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