29 August 2013

Memphis Most

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I have made my Orpheum debut... just kidding. What I did do was rub elbows on the Orpheum stage with all the Memphis Most winners.

What is Memphis Most you might ask? Readers of the Commercial Appeal (the main Memphis newspaper) vote on the best of the best in Memphis. There are tons of different categories. Things such as best biscuits, best weatherperson, best attraction, even best blog! [No, that's not why I was there... maybe someday? ;)]

I was able to go to the event because the YMCA (where Jeremy works) won one of the categories. They won best Yoga Studio. We spent the night listening to the live band, eating delicious tacos, people watching, and mingling with the important people of Memphis.

When we arrived, we walked in with the Mayor, we were greeted by a photographer, and Jeremy got starstruck by Mark Goodfellow. Those in the Memphis area will recognize him from the It's All Good Auto Commercials. For those not in Memphis, please watch this to understand. We had SUCH a fun time!!

Big HUGE shout out to Angela for inviting me to go!! We are always calling you our entertainment director because we do so many fun things because of you :) Thank you!!


  1. Love this! You WILL be there on your own merits someday. I know it. :)

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing night!!

  3. Wow! Sounds like such a fun time!

  4. So very cool that you got to go to this! And nice that the Y won. That's my gym and I always vote for them in this poll each year.

  5. Wow, what a fun event to be able to attend!!! :-) Lucky girl. ;-)

  6. Well, you are OUR best Memphis blog... so you still totally get an award... Shall we call it a "Florken"?... Yes, we shall.

    And the "Florken" for Best Memphis Blog goes to ---

    *The crowd goes WILD*



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