25 November 2013

We're Engaged!!

Well, you already knew that. We got engaged back in March! However, we fiiinally got around to taking some engagement photos. It took us a while to get all our ducks in a row. We needed to set a date and find a photographer and both we did! Can I just say, I'm pretty sure we have the best photographer there is? We had an amazing experience taking these pictures. There were some very special places to us that we wanted to capture. We went to the Levitt Shell which is where Jeremy proposed, around South Main which is where we live, and the rooftop of our building!

If you're looking for a killllller photographer, might I suggest Jon Sharman.

Ok ok okkkkkk enough of me talking, I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves!!

Ah! I love them so much!! These are just SOME of my favorites :) I'm sure I'll be sharing more on Instagram!

 Jon, thank you SO MUCH! We love them!!!!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! These are fantastic! Can't even pick a favorite. They are all beautiful!!!

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful!! And I love your hair!

  3. Jon did the pics for a friend's wedding. They turned out AMAZING! I love the Levitt Shell shot. So sweet!

  4. Alright those are the cutest pictures ever!

  5. you are so stinking pretty Alyssa :) these photos came out so great! I feel like you guys + your photographer did a great job incorporating Memphis into your shoot.

  6. You two look FANTASTIC!!! These are all such amazing photos :)

  7. Such sweet sweet engagement pictures!

  8. These are wonderful!! So happy for you.

  9. I love them!!! You are so gorgeous girlie! :-)

  10. These are beautiful! Love your style!

  11. Beautiful photos! They're so lovely!!!

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I appreciate each and every comment!! I love hearing from my readers :)