29 January 2014


Remember this weekend when it was 60 degrees in Memphis? Yeah, I don't. I was in New Jersey... where it was snowing. Ugh. I'm starting to think the bears have got a good idea with this whole hibernation thing. I would love nothing more than to get snuggled under lots of blankets until the sun decides to come out.

Sometimes it amazes me that have I lived majority of my life in the north east. I used to keep a snow shovel in my car and it got used... frequently. For a northerner, I'm a huge wimp in this cold weather!

Spring, you are more than welcome to come early if you'd like!


  1. I am officially over winter. I don't know how people up north and the midwest do it.

  2. Come on back down to the South, but it's no warmer :(

  3. I have seen more snow this past weekend than I think I saw all last winter! I'm really over it at this point (at least the sun is shining a bit in Pittsburgh today!)



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