13 May 2014

Eating in Memphis (30) - Trolley Stop Market

30 down only 70 more to go!! What am I talking about? Well, for those of you who might be new around here, or who might not remember (since it's been forever since we've crossed something off our list), Jeremy and I are attempting to eat everything on the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis list! Even though there are several lists floating around the city, we chose one and started eating our way through the various dishes that are considered the best of the best. It's taken us out of our comfort zone and we've discovered some new favorites!

Well, this weekend we went over to Trolley Stop Market and Jeremy ordered the Reuben. This is a perfect example of something he never would have ordered on his own! I remember loving a good Reuben sandwich when I was growing up but this is something Jeremy had never eaten. His response was that it was really good, just that there was a lot going on. A Reuben is corned beef, sauerkraut, onions, swiss cheese, and 1000 island dressing alllll on rye bread. Yeah, I guess that would be a lot of flavors all at once, but somehow, they all work together.

I ordered the Jive Turkey Hoagie. I thought it was great and I would definitely order it again! In fact, the waitress even told me this was her favorite, too. It's sliced turkey, swiss cheese, avocado, bacon (which I got on the side), lettuce, tomato, and basil mayo. It was served on a warm hoagie bun and it was absolutely delicious.

Trolley Stop Market prides themselves on serving locally grown food! They even have a sign with the farms that they work with on a regular basis in our area. You can also purchase items hand crafted by local artisans or you could leave with some farm fresh milk! It's like a mini-farmers market that's open for dinner. We'll definitely be back!

I've heard they also have good pizza!

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  1. I'm really hoping to travel to Memphis this summer or fall. I'll have to ask you for the best places to eat and what to see while I'm there!


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