23 May 2014

Equipped for Summer

What is the one essential item that you need to be equipped for a summer full of adventure and fun? A killer pair of shorts. In my opinion, everyone needs the perfect pair of shorts to be worn during the summer for any and all things you might have the opportunity to do!

They are pretty much the most versatile thing you can have in your closet for the summer, especially a summer in the Memphis heat. You can dress shorts up for a night out with friends or date night to the movies. You can dress them down to go to the beach, or a bonfire, or just a walk around town. My favorite place to wear a trusty pair of shorts is to the Farmers Market.

One of my absolute favorite things to do during the summer in Memphis is walk to the Downtown Farmers Market. It does, however, get suuuuuper hot and humid here. Wearing a comfortable pair of shorts is the best way to enjoy moseying around the market and stopping by all the different stalls.

So, might I suggest the Levis 501 shorts. They are perfect for trips to the Farmers Market or any other adventure you might find yourself in this summer.

Many thanks to Levi's for sponsoring today's post and making sure I'm #Equipped for summer.


  1. Yes to all of this! Also, congrats on the wedding! It is sooo close now!


  2. I would live in this outfit. It gets super hot in Georgia so shorts are a must have.

  3. I hate Tennessee weather sometimes, but this outfit would be prefect! I need that shirt! Happy weekend!

  4. I love that t-shirt, the whole outfit is perfect for summer.


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