04 June 2014


In the winter you can find me in a scarf pretty much everyday. Who says you can't wear scarves in summer? Especially ones that are fun vibrant patterns!

PS. Just a little reminder that Ten Feet Off Beale has been nominated as one of the best blogs in Memphis! If you have a second, would you pop over to this website and give me a vote (or two)? I'd appreciate it so much!!


  1. That scarf! That would be a tad bit out of my comfort zone but I would sooooo rock that! It looks great on you!!

  2. Looove the scarf! Such a great pop of color for a basic outfit

  3. Voted miss! Good luck on winning! :)

    You looked beautiful on your wedding day, BTW!

  4. Love that scarf! I love lightweight scarves in the summer, too. Happy to vote for you!


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