25 July 2014

Must Eat Memphis: Babalu

For the past few weeks, it feels like all anybody is talking about in Memphis is the opening of Babalu, a brand new (to Memphis) restaurant on Overton Square. Now that I've been there, I totally understand why.

First of all, when I hear the word Babalu, I immediately think if I Love Lucy (please tell me I'm not the only one!!). In fact, I keep imitating Ricky Ricardo and Jeremy pretty much thinks I'm crazy. Anywaysss, would you believe that there are not one but TWO projectors in this restaurant looping I Love Lucy episodes? Seriously, as a major Lucy fan, I absolutely loved this.

Now, let's talk about the food. Babalu serves up tacos and tapas. Meaning, this is a good place to go if you want to try a little bit of several things on the menu and share orrrrrr just order one thing for yourself. Jeremy and I decided to just go with tacos. I ordered the chicken tacos and Jeremy ordered the Carne El Cerdo, or pork belly tacos. Both were delicious!! I liked that they were a little bit on the smaller side making them more manageable to eat, but they were definitely still filling and absolutely bursting with flavor.

I know we will be returning to Babalu since sooo many people have mentioned how good their guacamole is!! The servers make it table side. Everyone I have talked to brings up a different item on their menu and tells me how delicious it was. I have a feeling this will become a place we go to frequently and never order the same thing.

 So, Memphians, have you been to Babalu yet?
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  1. Ok, yum. This kind of food is my FAVORITE!

  2. This place sounds great! Those tacos look delicious.

  3. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    I have been inspired to share my heart with Huntingtons Disease.

  4. I havent been yet....the wait is always too long!


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