31 July 2014

Pinterest Success: Homemade Donuts

We've all done it (I hope). We've seen amazing ideas on Pinterest, tried them out, and they were complete failures. Well, I finnnnallllly have a pretty great Pinterest success story! Last week, Jeremy and I were texting during the day about how much we wanted donuts. He had to work late and I was browsing Pinterest and I noticed that there were a bunch of pins around saying that you could make donuts using biscuit dough. I thought I'd give it a try.

I just so happened to have some Bisquick in the pantry. It wasn't really enough to make pancakes, it was perfect for experimenting with donuts. So, I followed the directions for biscuits, cut out donut shapes and fried them up in some vegetable oil. Then, I rolled them around in some cinnamon sugar and voila! homemade donuts and it couldn't have been easier.

The problem now is that it's so easy to make these donuts (or bronuts as I've been calling them since they're really biscuit donuts) that we want to make them all the time.


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