12 September 2014

Concerts, Festivals, Museums, and Cemeteries

This weekend is fulllll of fun things to do around Memphis. There are so many things happening!! Here are four things that stood out to me. I suggest going to at least one, if not all, of these events!

- The Levitt Shell has a concert Friday, Saturday, andddd Sunday this weekend. They're free and always fun. If you go, I recommend bringing coolers, blankets, and chairs!

- The Cooper Young Festival is on Saturday. This is one of my favorite festivals in Memphis. I just love all the art. Don't forget to find Midtown Glassworks! The first person to find them and mention Ten Feet Off Beale gets a gift card. Everybody else who mentions Ten Feet Off Beale gets 10% off!

- Saturday is also Downtown Museum Day. I just looove this day!! The museums downtown (there are many and they're all amazing) have either free admission orrrr highly discounted prices. Visit their Facebook page for the complete list!

- Elmwood Cemetery is a historic cemetery here in Memphis where people can learn about those who established this city. There are often tours and events held at the cemetery. This Saturday, there will be a Yellow Fever walking tour. It sounds super interesting and is sure to be a good time.

So, what are you planning on doing this weekend?


  1. That's so nice when the city has tons going on during the weekends. This weekend I plan on having tea with friends and celebrating our friend's birthday Saturday night. Should be fun!

  2. Elmwood is one of my favorite places! (Which, kinda odd, but whatever.) The headstones and monuments are such pieces of art, and the history is just so fascinating. Their tours never disappoint!

  3. Midtown Glassworks will be located at (878 Cooper St.) Sat. 9/13 9am-7pm. Don't forget to Mention Ten Feet of Beale for your discount!

  4. Well, I won't be in Memphis. :)
    Weekending included puppies, the sweetest kids ever to enroll in Sunday-school, and a wee tish of sunshine.


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