16 September 2014

Me, You, and Hayley Larue


Hey everyone! My name is Hayley Larue, and I'm an LA Fashion and Beauty Blogger over at Me, You, & Hayley Larue. My blog actually started of as a lifestyle blog, until one day I built up the guts to put up my first outfit post. I was so nervous, because I felt it was a little vain, but it was something I had wanted to do for a few years. So I just went for it, and I'm so glad I did. I love blogging, and I also found a love for designing blogs.

Now aside from my blogging life, dancing is a huge part of who I am as well. I've been a dancer for 19 years, and I began doing it professionally two years ago. I'm also a college grad! Although, I did not major in dance. I majored in communications with a concentration in entertainment. So while in college, I was going back and forth from Orange County to Hollywood for dance auditions while I was trying to become a professional dancer. It was tough and time consuming, but I did it! Now along with my outfits posts, you will also see a few life posts that update you on what I'm doing, dance wise, along with hair posts, makeup posts, with some occasional blogging tips and tutorials. :)

I hope you decide to follow along! 


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