29 October 2014

#AVeryLongWedding: Videography

I'll be honest, during the wedding planning process I was pretty sure I didn't want videography. I knew I had an amazing photographer, I just didn't foresee us sitting down and watching a wedding video. Well, after reading lots of wedding blogs and Pinterest and all the other wedding planning stuff you tend to do, bride after bride said that having a video was always a great decision.

Around this time, fellow blogger, Nicole, was starting up a videography business with her husband and their work was amazing. I also knew that they had worked with my photographer before and had a good relationship with him so that was a win!

Now, almost five months later, I can honestly say that hiring 314 Productions was one of the best wedding decisions I made.

So, if you're a bride-to-be possibly considering NOT having a video... don't do it. You'll want to relive your wedding day over and over and over and there's something special about seeing it all in video. Hire a videographer, bonus points if you hire 314 Productions because, well, they're the best :)

The video above is our sneak peek... here's the full video!

#AVeryLongWedding Recap:
Bridal Shower
The Rehearsal
Getting Ready
First Looks
Bridal Party


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Its definitely one of the things about my wedding I wish I had done! But I'm so glad you have such a special video to look back on your wedding day with!

  2. Agred. I wasn't sure I wanted one either, but my parents said it was the one thing they regretted about their wedding so I decided to take their advice and am so glad I did!

  3. Beautiful!!! Nicole is the best! ;)

  4. This is so lovely!! Getting a videographer was a last-minute decision for us, and while the quality of ours wasn't awesome I'm SO glad we have something!

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