17 October 2014

What's in My Makeup Bag

Have you ever heard of Younique? Well, let me tell ya, this stuff is magic. I'm serious! My sister-in-law, Virginia, has introduced me to a whole new world of makeup.

I have always been a drugstore makeup purchaser. Seriously, when it came to mascara, I would buy whatever was on sale at the time. Always shopping with this method means that over the years I've tried lots (and lots) of different brands of mascara.

Recently, Virginia mentioned this 3D mascara stuff. I had no idea what she was talking about. Basically, you have a gel mascara that you apply to your lashes, then you follow that with fibers that add fullness and length, then you finish with the gel. I'll be honest, I was skeptical, but I trust her so I gave it a try. Um. You guys. My eyelashes were HUGE. At first, I thought maybe my eyelashes were TOO big, but now that I've been using this stuff for a little while, I can honestly say I won't go back to the bargain brands.

Well, once I was hooked on the Younique 3D Mascara, I figured I'd try some of their other products. Virginia sent me some of her favorites to try. Right now, I am consistently using their eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip gloss, and mascara, and they are all life changing.

During colder months I like to wear red lipstick. This gloss absolutely does the trick! It's long lasting and is the prettiest color. (I'm wearing Lethal)

The eyeliner goes on extremely smoothly and doesn't run or melt during the day. (I'm wearing Perfect)

The color of eyeshadow that I've been using adds just enough brightness to my eyes without be too extreme (I'm not someone who wears a lot of eyeshadow regularly). It also lasts all day! (I'm wearing Sexy)

Another concern of mine once I applied all this makeup and realized it was pretty durable was that it would be a pain to get off. I was pleasantly surprised that a typical makeup removing wipe did the trick!

Since this makeup is amazing and so is my sister-in-law, if you purchase from her, and then email her, she will enter you into a drawing to win a great Younique gift!

Um. What are you waiting for!?

Here's her website: www.lashlovebyvirginia.com
and her email: lashlovebyvirginia@gmail.com


  1. That lip color looks incredible on you! Rock it, lady!! :)

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