04 November 2014

Pinterest Success: Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Now that Halloween is over, everyone's looking ahead towards Thanksgiving. I can tell because my Pinterest feed is fullllll of Thanksgiving recipes, crafts, and many different variations of "Thankful" decorations.

One project that I keep seeing is the pumpkin used as a vase to make a gorgeous flower arrangement project. The many different varieties are all so beautiful and definitely make a statement. Well, I just had to give it a try to see if it really is as easy as it looks. Guess what, it was!

I had ordered some pretty autumn colored roses from The Bouqs and knew they would be perfect to try this little experiment out. I found a pretty fairytale pumpkin at our local grocery store and got to work.

Honestly, I thought all the Pinterest flower arrangments looked too good to be true. I had a feeling the pumpkin was going to end up in the trash and the flowers in a vase. I was pleasantly surprsied at how do-able this project is. I definitely recommend creating an arrangment like this for your Thanksgiving table or to give to a friend or even just to decorate your house!

It's simple. All I did was cut the top off the pumpkin and scrape out the insides. Then, I found a plastic bowl that fit into the pumpkin, filled it with water, and arranged the flowers. That's it! With relatively little work, you can make a flower arrangement that looks professional and makes a huge impact.

Oh, and might I suggest getting the flowers from The Bouqs? Seriously, this is the second bouquet I've gotten from them and I haven't been disappointed. They have many different varieties of flowers to choose from and once you get them, they last a reallllly long time!

 I'm happy to say this has been another Pinterest success!!!



  1. So pretty! Saw a similar one on the cover of Good Housekeeping and fell in love

  2. How adorable is this?! So cute and it came out wonderfully :)

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  3. How beautiful! Lovely photos, too!

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