19 November 2014


I got these amazing red corduroy pants in my most recent Stitch Fix and I could not wait to wear them! Corduroy isn't really something I've ever liked but these have totally changed my mind. They are so so soft and cozy anddd the color is pretty great.

This mural is part of the South Main Mosaic Artwalk, a temporary public art installation through the South Main district of Downtown Memphis.. aka my neck of the woods. I've loved having all these gorgeous art pieces around town. Apparently so have some other people. While we were taking these pictures, a group of about fifteen people with cameras (I would assume they're a photography club?) came moseying down the street taking pictures. Pictures of all the different art pieces. Well it just so happens that I was standing awkwardly in front of this mural while they were taking pictures of it. Yeah, sorry about that, photography club!


  1. What a perfect fall outfit and the background is awesome! Great photos!

  2. I haven't worn corduroy since I was probably 10, but I have seen so much of it lately that I really want to find a nice pair!!

  3. You look amazing! What a fun place to take pictures, too!

  4. i love that you took photos in front of this mural! I'm from memphis and it makes me nostalgic especially the true meaning of the signs the men are holding.

    C's Evolution of Style

  5. I love your photos! That is a really pretty graffiti wall!



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