08 December 2014

Tis the Season

Tis the Season for Christmas cookies - that I totally plan on baking eventually...
Tis the Season for decorations and lights - Downtown Memphis has some verrrrry pretty Christmas trees
Tis the Season for Holiday movies - I have White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life on repeat
Tis the Season for wool socks and hot cocoa - the only thing we're missing is a fireplace
Tis the Season for Christmas parties - lots and lots of parties
Tis the Season for carols - Shuffling She & Him Holiday, Elvis Holiday, and Josh Groban Holiday on Pandora is my go-to
Tis the Season for creating memories and traditions - we're loving our first married Christmas
Tis the Season to spend time with family - realllly looking forward to being in New Jersey for part of the holiday season
Tis the Season for ribbons and bows - I love wrapping a gift and putting it under the tree
Tis the Season for Christmas cards - happy mail is always a good thing
Tis the Season for overeating - I promise I'll go back to the gym in the new year (for reals)
Tis the Season to be busy - at least it's busy doing fun things
Tis the Season to remember what this is all about - our most perfect gift, Jesus



  1. Oh I love this list. Christmas really is so magical, but my favorite is the last thing you listed. IT really is a great chance for us to really remember Jesus, the best gift ever!

  2. I love this list! I totally stole it for a post of my own (Thursday on www.lookingtothestars.com) and I definitely gave you inspiration credit :)

  3. I am totally with you on my lack of gym presence! haha ;-)


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