01 December 2014


I hope you all had a great weekend full of leftovers!! Ever since this particular South Main Mosaic Art Walk mural was installed, I had wanted to take a closer look. This past week, we walked over to check it out. The artist painted this to honor the late Memphis musician Jay Reatard and I love the method that was used. The picture was painted like pixels, so the closer you are, the more distorted the image is, and you can see each individual square. I love the way it looks. I also enjoyed learning something about this honored musician on the plaque hanging next to this painting.

In an effort to keep things real over here, he's a picture that didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped...


  1. I LOVE your shoes! I haven't been to South Main in ages - might be time to head down!

  2. I think this mural is awesome! Being a huge nerd, I love pixel art and I love that it's into the "real world" (as opposed to just being on the Internet). :)


  3. Memphis is full of so many cool backdrops! Love it!


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