22 January 2015

Winter Blues

I am in a rut.

I blame the winter blues... tell me I'm not the only one going through this. I'm really struggling to stay motivated and inspired when it gets dark early and everything is cold and grey.

Even though Ten Feet Off Beale has been quieter than usual, there have been lots of good things happening behind the scenes. For one, have you noticed anything different around here? The lovely Danielle Burkleo created this new design for me! I am loving it!!

So, what are your tips for staying motivated and inspired during winter?


  1. I'm with you, it's been really hard to get motivated again after the holidays! I love the warmer weather we had this past week (and into the weekend/next week), but I still just want to lay in my bed and sleep all day every day!


  2. It's so hard but it's much harder for me to write when it's sunny and warmer outside. I just want to be out there checking out the world! Stay strong, maybe you just needed a bit of a break - we all do every once in a while! :)

  3. Ughh I'm right there with you. I'm planning two big events for this summer at work and all I can think about is how badly I just want to wear sandals and shorts and play outside. Find some fun winter activities that you can only do right now. Or a hobby that you can do inside, one that you know you'll put off as soon as it gets warmer :)

  4. In a rut and don't want to go outside! I'm looking forward to spring so I can feel my toes again.

  5. I can relate to you 100%! I thought this was something that just I was going through because of school or whatever else, but maybe it's also (or mainly due to) the weather ); I hope you get out of it soon! I'm always thinking of different ways to get out of my rut- maybe if I find a solution and share, it'll help others!

  6. I think we all go through moments when we feel uninspired... I've had my days and they really do suck. I don't feel like doing ANYTHING... I think you should just take time away from your blog and "live life"... Once you start feeling that urge to blog again you'll have so many ideas and have a lot of motivation!


  7. Couldn’t agree more. Although I don’t have the winter snow here in CA I do find a lack of inspiration from time to time :)


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