16 April 2015

Eating in Memphis - La Michoacana

A few weeks ago, Jeremy and I found ourselves out on Summer and wanted a sweet treat. We finnalllllly were able to try La Michoacana paletas. After years of hearing about and seeing pictures of these treats, the opportunity presented itself to give them a try ourselves. Um. Why did we wait so long???

There were about a million different flavors in the freezer making it incredibly difficult to choose, however, at the same time making me realllly look forward to going back and trying more. This time around, Jeremy ordered the cherry and I had the mint chocolate chip. The ice cream is creamy and the flavors did not taste artificial at all (like some ice cream treats can). You can even see the fresh cherries and pieces of chocolate!

If you've never been, you should go, especially with summer right around the corner. If you have been there, what do you recommend?? When I posted a picture to Instagram, I had several people telling me their favorites!! What should we try on our next visit? (which will absolutely been in the near future)


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