27 May 2015

Roundhouse Revival

There's an incredible old arena in Memphis where the Beatles, Elvis, and many other legends performed. It was also the sight of some classic wrestling and the original home of the RiverKings.

I'm talking about the Mid-South Coliseum.

[Side Note: Did you know I came to Memphis to work for them?? Yep! Without the RiverKings I wouldn't be here.]

Today, the Coliseum sits empty and has become slightly run down. There has been buzz around Memphis that this historic, and in my opinion beautiful, building will be knocked down. Leave it to Memphians to not let this happen quietly.

This past Saturday, passionate Memphians gathered around the Mid-South Coliseum, otherwise known as the Roundhouse, for a Roundhouse Revival. There were food trucks, local artists, and even some wrestling featuring Jerry "the King" Lawler.

Many people want the Coliseum to become the Wrestling Hall of Fame, others have expressed interest in turning it into an open air pavilion. Whatever it becomes, I hope it stays standing so future Memphians can experience this classic venue and appreciate a historic piece of Memphis.


  1. So fun! I hate that I didn't know about this until afterwards! I definitely remember going to the circus and a few Riverkings games there as a kid!

  2. When I lived in Memphis (seems like 100 years ago...1996-2002), I spent many evenings there...River Kings (man I miss the hockey), Carousel of Shops, wrestling and such!! I would hate to see anything happen to it, but it does need a little help. Side note: I meet my first crush there...Kevin Bacon!! Great memories there!!

  3. I wanted to go to the Revival but I missed it! I really hope it stays and doesn't get torn down into another mall or something.



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