04 June 2015

How to Include Elvis at your Wedding

This past Sunday (May 31st), Jeremy and I officially celebrated one year of marital bliss. I cannot believe a year has gone by so quickly! The moments in our wedding pictures feel like they happened yesterday.

Looking back at our wedding, there was pretty much nothing that I would change about the day. One of my favorite aspects of our wedding day was that we were able to include lots of little touches that made the day very us. One thing in particular was that we included Elvis.

Here's how we included Elvis at our wedding:

1) Blue Suede Shoes
One of the most iconic Elvis fashion statements were his blue suede shoes. We found the most perfect pair for Jeremy to wear that weren't too flashy and were just the right amount of awesome.

2) Walk Down the Aisle
Rather than walking down the aisle to the classic Wedding March, I opted for Love Me Tender, a classic Elvis love song, played by a string quartet. [Here's a beautiful example - goosebumps]

3) First Dance
When choosing a song for our first dance, I wanted it to be special to us, but also to be a song we would hear all the time to bring us right back to our first moments as husband and wife. Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis was the perfect selection. You'd be surprised how many times you'll hear it on the radio, or playing in a store, or covered by a live band.

4) Tribute Artist
This is by far the most obvious way to include Elvis at your wedding. It's also the most fun! We hired a local Elvis Tribute Artist to sing a few songs at the wedding. He ended up staying and dancing with everyone through most of the night.

Seriously, I loved our wedding. I'm so thankful for the wonderful memories and beautiful photographs we have.

Photography by Jon Sharman Photography.


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