24 September 2015

LYFE Kitchen

There's a new healthy restaurant in town and I couldn't be happier! We finalllllly had the chance to try the new LYFE Kitchen and it definitely lived up to my expectations. Even though LYFE Kitchen is a chain, this is unlike anything we have in town. It's fast casual dining, meaning you order at the counter and then they bring the food to your table, anddddd it's probably the healthiest menu I have ever seen. I mean, they don't even have soda. Instead, they have amazingly delicious flavored water... I recommend the cucumber mint.

Probably one of my favorite things was the herb wall when you walk in. Seriously, I want this in my house!!

I had the Buffalo Chicken Wrap and Jeremy had the Farmhouse Burger and we both gave them a thumbs up. This will definitely be a place we go to again when we're in that part of town.

Another awesome part? They're planning to open a LYFE Kitchen downtown!!! I bet we will be regulars.


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