06 November 2015

Anthropologie Hack: DIY Jingling Monogram Ornament

Anthropologie just might be one of my favorite stores. The problem? I'm not a millionaire. Whenever I find myself browsing through their website, I always find things I love only to realize they are way out of my price range. When I saw these adorable ornaments, I instantly pictured myself attaching them to wrapped presents this Christmas. They're $8, that's totally affordable!! Until you start buying one for everyone you know. So, I figured I would just try to make my own.

This project is prettttty self explanatory but here's what I did...

Chipboard Letters
Jingle Bells
Glue Gun
Needle and Thread

Step 1 - Wrap the chipboard letters with yarn. I started with the red, and wrapped about half of the letter leaving some space for the white. For the tough corners, I used my glue gun for help. Then,  I finished wrapping the letter with the white yarn until it looked complete.

Step 2 - To attach the jingle bells, I got out a needle and red thread and sewed them onto the letter.

Step 3 - To attach the hanging hook, I used the needle and thread again so that it would stay put.

andddd that's it! Not too difficult, and these little letters will look super cute and add a little jingle to my Christmas wrapping this year.


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