01 March 2016

Johnny Cash in Midtown

This past week, Johnny Cash would have celebrated his 84th Birthday. Even though he is no longer with us, a group of Memphians gathered in Midtown for a night of fun, celebrating the Man in Black.

I learned something new! Johnny Cash's first ever paid performance took place at a Methodist Church located on South Cooper in Midtown. While the building no longer serves as a church, it's an incredibly gorgeous 103 year old building that is on the verge of seeing some new life. There are some very dedicated people who have set a goal to turn this church into a Memphis landmark. The first thing they're proposing? A Johnny Cash statue.

So, back to the Birthday party that I mentioned. Yes, it was thrown to celebrate Johnny Cash, but it also served as a way to raise money for the statue. It was an incredibly fun night full of live performances by Amy LaVere and Will Sexton (who are amazing, btw), a play reenacting Cash's first performance, local beer and food. Pretty much the perfect mix.

The best part? They're doing it again! On March 26th, there will be another night of music and fun at Galloway Methodist Church on South Cooper in Midtown. I definitely suggest going. You will not be disappointed.

If you can't make it then, they'll be revealing a historic marker on the church on May 1st andddd you can always donate to the statue by visiting this website.

Exciting things are happening in Memphis. I'm so happy I'm here to see it all unfold!


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