05 July 2016

Best of Memphis - Brunch at Cafe Pontotoc

I have a new favorite meal. The problem? It's only available on Saturdays and Sundays!!! Ok, I've mentioned it before but we're not big brunch eaters. Between going to church on Sunday mornings and the various things that come up on Saturday morning, we typically overlook this particular meal. Cafe Pontotoc has made me a convert. Their brunch hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 11-3 giving us plenty of time and options so we don't miss out on this incredible meal. Not to mention that food. It is amazing.

Now for the details. When you sit down they give you a basket with mini biscuits and blueberry muffins. You guys. I can't even begin to explain how heavenly these blueberry muffins are!! I could literally eat an entire basket of them by myself (and I might one day because you can order a whole basket of them!) They're served warm and the flavor is seriously divine.

After devouring the biscuits and muffins, it's time for the main course. My favorite dish is the Crawcake Benedict. I mean, just look at that picture! The poached eggs are cooked perfectly and they sit on top of a crawcake which is just a crabcake made with crawfish instead. All on an English muffin and covered in hollandaise sauce. So amazing. I literally think about this meal daily.

Between the food and the atmosphere, Cafe Pontotoc has been our go-to spot for a mid-day meal on the weekends. I highly suggest you go there too.


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