08 July 2016

Naan Pizza

A few years ago I shared one of our favvvorite recipes, Naan Pizza! Well, over the years the recipe has evolved (as has my food photography) so I thought I would share it again! This is so incredibly easy to make and delicious that we make it all. the. time. Especially in the Summer!

Naan Bread - which we find at Kroger in the Bakery section
Cherry Tomatoes
Mozzarrella Cheese
Olive Oil
Pepperoni (if you want!) 

First Step - Roast Tomatoes
Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and put on a cookie sheet with some olive oil. Cook in the oven at 350 for about an hour.

Second Step - Assemble Pizza
- Drizzle some olive oil over the naan bread
- Add the cooked tomatoes
- Then, the fresh spinach and pepperoni
- Generously sprinkle cheese over the top
- Cook in the oven until cheese gets nice and melty 


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