16 January 2018

Home Tour: Nolan's Room

I realized recently that since my last blog post (in 2016!) we have moved... twice. Yep. At that point, we were living in our amazing downtown condo. We sold that place and moved out to Highpoint. We loved our charming little old house in this amazing neighborhood. After living there about a year, our landlord decided he wanted to sell the house, so we moved.. again. This time, to the house we are in now, on Mud Island. I was really sad when we left Highpoint (and still miss the neighborhood) but it ended up working out for us. The house we are in now has 3 bedrooms instead of the 2 we had and an extra bathroom! With our new third member in our family, this extra space has been super helpful!

So, with that begin said, how about a home tour? I thought I'd start today with my favorite room in our new house. Nolan's room.

Before he was born, I found these adorable space prints on Etsy. It was because of these retro-inspired astronauts that I decided to go with a space theme for Nolan's nursery.

We are using an antique mid-century dresser as his dresser and changing table. The amazing stars over the changing table are from one of my baby showers! Everyone wrote prayers or thoughts on the stars. I love reading these little messages. 

This kid already has a tonnnn of books! Part of that is because I love to read and I think exposing children to books from day one is super important. Also, for one of our baby showers instead of cards, everyone was encouraged to bring a book with a message inside instead. Nolan has quite the collection!

There are so many special little things in this room. It's simple, comfortable, and overall I wanted to give Nolan a place where he feels safe and warm and loved.

Which room would you like to see next? 


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