17 June 2011

Franklin, TN

I love being able to escape for the weekend and get away from Memphis for a while. Luckily Jeremy and I are able to visit some friends who live right outside Nashville. It's only a 3 hour drive so we're able to leave after work on Friday and get back on Sunday and still feel like we didn't spend the entire weekend traveling. This was only my second time visiting Franklin, TN and it was a particularly fun trip! I got to meet Maria for the first time, drive around in a jeep with no doors for the first time, and do a wine tasting for the first time among other things.

Arrington Vineyard
I know I look like a bum... we were at the pool all morning...
We got a little lost but eventually we found George Jones' House! Now I'm gonna be honest, I don't really know anything about George Jones but it was still really exciting to see....

George Jones has music note gates just like Elvis!
Yummmmm I spy delicious surprise artichoke dip!
Now, in the South there are cowboy stores. A one stop shop to get all your cowboy needs.. pearl snap shirts, hats, belt buckles, boots.. you name it. Walking into one of these places is definitely a jaw dropping moment for me. It seems like more of a costume store than an actual clothing store. It's really fun walking around the store trying on all the different hats and boots. We spent a good chunk of time doing this....

Is that Indiana Jones?

It was a great weekend getaway... can't wait to head back up there!


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