20 June 2011

Movin' On Up

This past weekend.. I MOVED.. to Olive Branch, Mississippi. I felt like my old apartment was in the middle of nowhere.. probably because it was, but now I am in civilization and so far it is so good!

 I am completely exhausted after moving all my stuff by myself... ha! just kidding... I had some completely amazing helpers.. Josh and Jeremy really stepped up and helped me so much when I needed them. 

clearly i wasnt much help...
It took three days and a bunch of car loads but eventually all my stuff ended up in my new apartment!

I still have alot of putting away to do but eventually I'll put up pictures of my fancy new apartment that I reallllllly like a whole lot! 

Oh! Among all the moving we ended up taking this picture.. I'm pretty sure it's the best picture ever!

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