22 June 2011

Wednesday Wishes

On Wednesdays, a blogger that I enjoy following posts wishes and links up with other blogs in the blogosphere.. here goes nothing.. my first Wednesday Wishes:

1. Keep up with my blog.
I am an extremely new blogger and I would like to really keep up with my blog and get better at posting things. I figure the more I post, the more I learn, and the better I'll become!


2. Be on time.
No matter what time I leave my apartment in the morning, somehow I always end up in work a few minutes late... I really need to work on that.

3. Get settled.
I am almost completely all moved into my new apartment there are some boxes still left to unpack though. I realllllly want to finish up!

Linked up to Bright Wishes...


  1. I love wednesday wishes and bright wishes the blog :) I actually found yours through Brooke's! It's really cute though & I am happy to be your 4th follower! How exciting that you are almost all moved into your new apartment! I move again in August and I cannotttt wait!


  2. I'm excited that I just found your blog.
    I feel ya with getting settled in to a new apartment. I am working on doing the same with my new place!


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