12 September 2011

Can't Win 'Em All

As I previously mentioned this weekend was full of U of Memphis Tiger sports.. unfortunately the Tigers didn't do so well. 

I am so proud of my friends for hitting the ice Friday for the first Tiger hockey game. Ole Miss ended the game with the win but the Tiger fans never stopped cheering for their boys in blue.


Saturday's football outcome was also not the best for our Tigers.. it was actually pretty awful. I realllly hope something is done and the football program does a complete 180. Some changes definitely need to be made. I don't really even know that much about football so you know it's bad when I can point out the mistakes.


 This is how we felt.. we weren't too happy with the Tigers.

There was a pretty sunset thought...

To sum it up, the Tigers didn't have a winning weekend. I, on the other hand, won my first ever blog giveaway! Thanks to Mallorie at Home is with you... and Lauren at Open Heart Window. So excited about this :)


  1. Hello, I'm a GFC follower of your blog :) Love to have you follow back if possible thanks.

  2. CONGRATS on winning your first giveaway! Isn't that a great feeling? And, I LOVE the name of your blog! So fitting that you're a memphis fan with this name :) Glad you had such a great time at the game (though booooo that they lost!) Football is always such a great time!

  3. nice photos :) Love the light in the last one!

    Have a great week! :)


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