07 September 2011

Guess What I Did...

I drove a truck! A pickup truck to be more specific. The pickup truck that appeared in this post actually. Let me explain.. if you don't know, up North in New Jersey people don't really drive trucks. The only people who do are those who need it for work. That is the complete opposite down here. They are everywhere. The boy drives one and he let me take her for a spin! I felt so little behind the wheel and, not gonna lie, I was nervous.. he loves that truck.. but I had fun :)


  1. You do look tiny behind the wheel:) I have only attempted to drive a truck once, it as a rental, and I almost knocked of a side mirror. I returned it the next morning and begged for something else.


  2. I still would love to drive a truck. They aren't too common up here in CT either unless for work purposes. But I still want a huge one. =D

  3. Good for you! I'm so glad my husband doesn't have a huge truck; although every man in my family has one. I would be terrified behind the wheel, but it looks like you did great!

  4. haha, I remember the first time I drove a truck (it was in the south, of course), and I was super nervous! But it was such a rush, for some reason :)


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